Sep 30 - Oct 22

Opening reception
Saturday, September 30, 5-7pm

William Holderfield

Photography is the only way I know how to talk about the darkness, the ever present subtle hum of malevolence and creeping decay I feel moving through America.  Rarely do I see the actors, only the stage settings, quietly vibrating in anticipation or from the passing of a story that isn’t going to end well for anyone. Aesthetically I’m drawn to scenes reminiscent of my childhood in and around Cleveland, Ohio. The steel mills along the Cuyahoga, the silent and eerie homes out in the countryside where my parents grew up, used car lots surrounded by barbed wire and tacky plastic flags all heavily influence what draws my eye today.

William Holderfield

303 S. 5th Avenue #165
Springfield OR 97477

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Friday - Sunday

* The space is closed between exhibitions and during installations