Ditch Projects is a nonprofit artist-founded, artist-run studio, exhibition, and performance space providing critical contemporary art experiences in Springfield, Oregon since 2008. The artists and professionals behind Ditch Projects are committed to exhibiting experimental works produced by a diversity of practitioners. Ditch Projects provides unique opportunities for cultural exchange between artists and community members, acting as an integral voice within contemporary art discourse in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

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Ditch Projects
303 S. 5th Ave #165
Springfield OR 97477

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Ditch Projects is closed for summer!!!

* The space is closed between exhibitions and during installations

Mike Bray*
Isami Ching 
Chelsea Couch
Sonja Dahl
Clay Dunklin
Laura Butler Hughes
Krista Raasch
Megan Shull
Jen Vaughn
Libby Wadsworth

Co-Artistic & Executive Directors
Mike Bray
Chelsea Couch

Board of Directors
Thea Chroman
Ellen Kozyra Currier, President
Tannaz Farsi
Laura Butler Hughes
Jeanine Jablonski
Jack Ryan
Libby Wadsworth
Kate Wagle

Liaison to the Board of Directors
Sarah Finlay

Lee Asahina
Marissa Lee Benedict 
Julie Berkbuegler-Poremba
Aaron Whitney Bjork
Ian Clark
Jovencio de la Paz
Brooks Dierdorf
Eden Evans
Surabhi Ghosh
Noah Greene
Damon Harris
Jared Haug*
Noelle Herceg
Nika Kaiser
Masami Kawai
Courtney Kemp
Erin Langley
Sarah Mikenis
Rose W. McCormick
Tim Meyer*
Ian Sherlock Molloy
Donald Morgan
Mary Morgan
Jack Ryan
Aja Segapeli
Dave Siebert*
Rick Silva
Brandon Siscoe
Rob Smith*
Tyler Stoll
Jesse Sugarmann*
Jessie Rose Vala
Doran Asher Walot
Alexander Wurts

* founding member

303 S. 5th Avenue #165
Springfield OR 97477

Ditch Projects is closed for summer!!!