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Featured: Max Adrian, Frances Andonopoulos, Andrew Douglas Campbell, Noah Greene, Irene June, & Quilt Bloc/Springfield History Museum

Irene June Untitled 2022

Andrew Douglas Campbell Somehow You and I Are In There 2022

Quilt Bloc Fragment of John Day Quilt from Springfield History Museum 2022

Noah Greene Untitled 2022

Max Adrian Untitled 2022

Frances Andonopoulos Untitled 2022

Karl Burkheimer not in between 2021

Jürgen Beck New Deal (Bullocks Wilshire, Los Angeles, 1929) 2020

Angharad Davies
20.0404 2020

Anna Kristensen
Scrollwork 2020

SV Randall
Shoulder 2020

Amy Yao

Thank You 2020

Jonathan Bagby
Untitled (from "Satellite Beach") 2020

Jovencio de la Paz
Interference 2020

Rainen Knecht
Sedna Wading Through Clear Water 2020

Stacy Jo Scott
What Moves Behind the Mask? 2020

Libby Wadsworth
Untitled 2020

Leah Beeferman RAIN FOREST (OCTOBER 5,2019) 2020

Brooks Dierdorff
Blue Sky over Mississippi 2020

Francesca Lohmann
Droplet 2020

Euan Macdonald
"Emeritus" 2020

Tyler Stoll
Phases of the Man 2020

Bekí Basch
Fake can be Just as Good 2020

Perry Doane
September Commando 2020

Cynthia Lahti
Yellow Towel 2020

Aja Segapeli
Chroma Key Diptych 2020

Bobbi Woods

Aaron Bjork
Untitled (Grid Dithered 05) 2020

Howard Fonda
Untitled 2020

Ian Sherlock Molloy
Tell Me About It 2020

Jen Vaughn
Distant Variables 2020

Bruce Conkle
Bonsai Rainbow Bucket 2020

Ka'ila Farrell-Smith
Talon 2020

Mike Paré
Grape Juice Lovers 2020

Jessie Rose Vala
Champion the Mystery 2020

Mike Bray
Untitled 2020

Laura Butler Hughes
More and More 2020

Brenna Murphy
SlideStack 2020

Doran Walot
Untitled 2020

Chelsea Couch
it could be 2020

Eric Ramos Guerrero

Krista Raasch
Stay Home 2020

Allison Wade
Wishful Thinking 2020

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