not in between
October 2 - October 31, 2021

Opening Reception
6-8pm, Saturday October 2nd

I once stood under a 1000-foot vessel. It was a dangerous and exhilarating place, and beneath the totality of steel and bulk I saw smallness in a manner I’d never known. I was nothing, and I was nowhere. I became driven by an aspiration to enter a union of the unseen, cursing authority, while maintaining a fidelity to the pack. I sought a paradoxical freedom marked by toil and offset by unrepented play. Yet, my desire was just a daydream, a longing to be fierce and fearless. I was out of place. I could walk to the edge, but I would not jump.

The middle is rarely celebrated. At times it is even shunned, rejected as an undecided position, a destination yet reached, or a situation amid tension. Betweenness is ultimately defined by the conditions that mark, limit, confine or restrict. Longing to escape from in between indicates restlessness, a desire to be elsewhere, to be over there rather than here. Without ends there are no in-betweens, only presences.

My creative endeavor is a manifestation of practice, a repeated return to actions of searching, making, and reflecting. The exhibited works become moments of exchange, temporal incarnations and placeholders, emphasizing a provisional language of materials and processes in flux. Courting failure and seeking conditional outcomes within normative constructs, the makeshift confronts accepted structures and logistics, leveraging instability as a condition for change.

*The title not in between is inspired by the writings of Fred Moten, particularly his profound critique of normalized societal and institutional constructs that segregate, marginalize, and terrorize.

303 S. 5th Avenue #165
Springfield OR 97477

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Friday - Sunday

* The space is closed between exhibitions and during installations