A Good Way To Invent the Future
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Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

A Good Way To Invent the Future
Closing + Performance
6pm Saturday, January 18

Part I               Reading
Lisa Radon      Artist and poet Lisa Radon reads from her new book Age of Sand

Part II              Sound
Iowa                 w/ Tom Greenwood and Hannah Mickunas
sunLime           w/ Ryan Carlile and Shannon Kerrigan
Jason Urick

Attendance is free

Saturday, January 11th
7 - 8 pm at Ditch Projects

“The Sign of the Enterer” 
Performance by Stacy Jo Scott and Jovencio de la Paz.
Reading accompanied by Moog Mother 32 system and Korg ms20. 

“The Sign of the Enterer” describes the space of queer embodiment and desire, the digital and material, the seen and unseen.

The space between is a space of action, of power, of conjuring. It is a moment in time, and an endless shift. The utopia of this text is not a cataclysmic becoming into a new state for humanity. Rather, this utopia is a shift of individual consciousness and claimed agency, from moment to moment. It imagines an awakening into freedom, pleasure, and kindhsip, as signified by the queer and the cyborg. We learn from these icons to create the world as we are created by the world. As agents we are encouraged to choose to shift our time in one direction or another, from moment to moment. It is the locs of a shared politic of empowered interaction with the other. 


Saturday, December 7th
3 - 4 pm at Ditch Projects

Rock My Religion 
Dan Graham

1982-84, 55:27 min, b&w and color, sound

Rock My Religion is a provocative thesis on the relation between religion and rock music in contemporary culture. Graham formulates a history that begins with the Shakers, an early religious community who practiced self-denial and ecstatic trance dances. With the "reeling and rocking" of religious revivals as his point of departure, Graham analyzes the emergence of rock music as religion with the teenage consumer in the isolated suburban milieu of the 1950s, locating rock's sexual and ideological context in post-World War II America. The music and philosophies of Patti Smith, who made explicit the trope that rock is religion, are his focus. This complex collage of text, film footage and performance forms a compelling theoretical essay on the ideological codes and historical contexts that inform the cultural phenomenon of rock 'n' roll music.

Original Music: Glenn Branca, Sonic Youth. Sound: Ian Murray, Wharton Tiers. Narrators: Johanna Cypis, Dan Graham. Editors: Matt Danowski, Derek Graham, Ian Murray, Tony Oursler. Produced by Dan Graham and the Moderna Museet.

© 2019 Dan Graham. Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York


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