Midnight Sun Moon
Jessie Rose Vala
Jan 14 - Feb 18, 2017
“It was only because she knew the midnight and the high noon that we could see in the dark and the light knowing them to be all edges of a circle”

Jessie Rose Vala (b. 1977, Madison Wi) Received her MFA from University of Oregon and a BFA in ceramic sculpture and painting from California College of Arts. Vala is part of the collaboration Light Hits creating installation, music, and videos with Kelie Bowman. In 2014 Vala initiated Ungrund Collective, showcasing videos of five contemporary artists working within similar humanistic inquiries. Vala’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including exhibitions in Oakland, Miami, Portland, Brooklyn, Copenhagen, Tokyo and Mexico City.



What Makes the City Touch Itself Everywhere at Once?
Chelsea Couch
Jan 14 - Feb 18, 2017
“Even out of context, the two deleted epigraphs betray their weightlessness and make me feel a little sick. If you were here, I would make you some mint tea and turn out the sofa for a little bed. Here you are. There it is. Let’s talk about it tomorrow.Are you alive? One thing next to another doesn’t mean they touch.”

- Bhanu Kapil, Ban en Banlieue

Chelsea Couch (b. 1990, Chattanooga) currently lives and works in Eugene, OR while pursuing her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Oregon in Studio Art. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in Painting and Drawing and studied additionally at King’s College London. Her work is included in the current exhibition, Movement of the Hand or Memory of Touch at Stevenson Union Gallery (Ashland, OR). Other recent exhibition spaces include The White Box (Portland, OR) The Portland ‘Pataphysical Society (Portland, OR), Linfield Gallery (McMinnville, OR), and the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (Eugene, OR). Upcoming shows include a group exhibition at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center (Portland, OR).



Binary Primitivism
Feb 25 - Mar 25, 2017
'From the urge to want to understand the world, it becomes apparent that we have understood the world.'

Binary Primitivism helps you see habits as they occur, the departure from the here and now towards any number of things that could possibly be instead. The implications cannot be overstated but most can't see these moves. No organic reach, but Binary Primitivism believes in the kindness of strangers, they are anonymous and that's great. Incredible. Golden hypno-mandala-GIFS will be brilliant, because the present will overflow with so many different versions of what must become possible and Binary Primitivism wants to be all of them. We live in a complex culture where many people act primitive. Many terrific ideas were attacked. Binary Primitivism has been waiting it’s whole life for someone to take on the real enemy, the media. It couldn't be more enthusiastic. Media reset was always the plan, nothing can be done without it. Share these golden images widely. It's going to end poorly for them instead.

Programmatic Statement
Binary Primitivism is found in the binary wilderness. Binary Primitivism isolates clans and groups, exploits theirs aesthetics and nurtures them into becoming easy prey. Then Binary Primitivism infiltrates and colonizes the target-group's digital habitats by playing echo-chamber symphonies and serving exaggerated self-referential comfort aesthetics. Binary Primitivism emulates primitive behaviour. Beyond action lies truth. This form of mimicry represents The New Honesty (Neue Ehrlichkeit) deeply rooted in the balkanization and atomization of truths and aesthetics.

UBERMORGEN lizvlx (AT, b. 1973) and Hans Bernhard (CH/USA, b. 1971) are European artists and net.art pioneers. They tenaciously convert code & language and concept & aesthetics into digital objects, software art, net.art, installation, new painting, videos, press-releases and actions. CNN described them as 'maverick Austrian business people' during their Vote-Auction action and the New York Times called Google Will Eat Itself 'simply brilliant’. Their main influences: Rammstein, Samantha Fox, Guns N’ Roses & Duran Duran, Olanzapine, LSD & Kentucky Fried Chicken's Coconut Shrimps Deluxe. The have shown their work in major international institutions such as the Centre Pompidou, MoMA/PS1, Sydney Biennale, MACBA Barcelona, New Museum New York, SFMoma, ICC Tokyo, Gwangju Biennale and were commissioned by Serpentine Galleries London & Whitney Museum New York. UBERMORGEN currently hold the Professorship for Digital and Net-based Art in the Faculty of Art at the University of Art and Design Offenbach/Frankfurt

Digital Production Assistant: Stefan Endres
Setup Assistant: Alex Wurts
Social Media Think Tank: Mike Cernovich

This Exhibition is supported by Pro Helvetia, Bundesamt für Kultur Austria and swissnex San Francisco



New Deal
Jürgen Beck
Feb 25 - Mar 25, 2017
lt is escape architecture. Little of it is left. Its motif is the glass ticket booth with its (former) occulting eye that saw into the distressed heart and wounded pocketbook. The glass ticket booth was a promise, a promise repeated in the symbolic ticket booth above the marquee (now removed) - a small circular columned temple the architects superimposed like a classical variation of a popular song: "I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby."

lt was the oasis between bread lines and relief checks, it washed away the guilt of failure. lt is Hollywood's monument, Hollywood's acupuncture, the biggest pipe organ west of the Hudson. lt does not have the fine lineage of Bullocks Wilshire. lt has the vital juices of illusion.

Esther McCoy, "Wiltern Theater”

Jürgen Beck (b. 1977, Tübingen, Germany) lives and works in Zurich. He studied at the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Lyon, France and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig, Germany. He has taught at the School of Architecture, University of Lucerne (2012-15) and has been the artist in residence at Zurich's studio program in Genova, Italy (2015-16). Recent solo and group exhibitions include "Relatively Speaking", Galerie B2 Leipzig (2017), "Sidelights", ZHdK Zurich (2016) and "Escape Architecture", Kunsthalle Lucerne (2016). Currently he is conducting ongoing research on Southern California’s architectural history and is the artist in residence at Coast Time in Oregon.


New Deal is kindly supported by a grant from the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, Germany


Steven Randall
Apr 20 - 29, 2017
From transmitter to transected, an unintended javelin falls from a sun-bleached facade / Dusty tarpaulins reveal plans patented in camouflage / What was a leaf is now a metal antenna / No signal / Inert shells crumble in decay / Banners hang in tattered remains / Collective directories fade into obsolescence / Printed matter dissolves under whitewashed oblivion / The future arrived too late.

Steven Randall received his MFA in Sculpture + Extended Media from Virginia Commonwealth University and his BFA from Alfred University. Steven is an interdisciplinary artist who makes sculptures, photographs and installations to examine the relationship between consumer, commodity, and transformation.

Past residencies and fellowships include the Border Arts fellowship, the Toby Devin Lewis Award, a Sculpture Fellowship through the Virginia Commission for the Arts, and a Visiting Artist Grant through the Institute for Electronic. Randall's work has been shown nationally and internationally including exhibitions in New York, Aspen, El Paso, Buffalo, Dublin and Beijing.



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