Lee Asahina and Mary Morgan: Vibes Don’t Quit
April 9 - 30, 2016
Opening Saturday, April 9, 6-9pm

Everything looking a bit brighter and vibratinggg; can u feel it?? We are waiting for things 2 speak but realizing we probably need to speak first. Giving shout-outs. Making calls. Leaving messages. Making REAL connections. Looking @ something and feeling pliable and a little 2 vulnerable. These things are here and U are here, trying to parse feels, filtering through a lost yet still emanating aura. Release everything and come thru 1 time. To feel the vibe u have to be in it, to be real with it. Passing thru u, like lil waves. Like radiation from sun. Reciprocality or reciprocity or whatever. A give and take. like petting animals. Giving water to yr plant. Washing dishes. Looking at pictures. Holding hands with a person or thing that u care about. Look at the thing and give it some time, wait for the situation to unfold and bounce out towards you: parts that look crisp or jumbly or make u stammer or cry out. Soothing earth tones and smooth and capricious vibrancy. Visual codes and attributes spilling out like feels into an atmosphere already spinning and latent with sensitivity and p o t e n t i a l . Vibes running in between like an airy impermanence that keeps going and is not quitting, floating here forever and ever ever..

Mary Morgan

Lee Asahina