Kevin Hanley & Euan Macdonald: The Start of a Gauntlet of Beings
October 26 – November 23, 2013
Opening reception Saturday, October 26, 6pm - 9pm

The Start of a Gauntlet of Beings was originally installed at Compact gallery, San Luis Obispo in 2011 and is being re-created for Ditch Projects. The title of the installation comes from “This is the beginning of man — the start of a gauntlet of beings — which has brought us to what we are now," a quote by Sandal Makara, published in an interview for the San Luis Obispo County Telegram Tribune, November 11, 1968. Sandal Makara with his son Paka were circumnavigating a conventional lifestyle living on a self-made boat; they had "dropped out". Sandal's boathouse cut an iconic presence into a foggy bay; a dark green, angular, self- made 26-foot long wooden boat adorned with its maker's paintings and scarred by its environment. In 2004 Sandal passed away on his boat. Within weeks, local efforts to see his dwelling preserved failed, and the boat was condemned. In the small window of time between the craft being beached and demolished, Morro Bay resident artist Stuart Denker photographed, measured and diagrammed Sandal's "Monastery".

It is from Stuart Denker's efforts that Hanley and Macdonald produced a multi media installation, including a sculpture resembling Sandal's boat visible from its waterline up. This sculpture makes present a form that has recently disappeared. A manifestation of an individual's refusal to live as others, is in the space of exhibition a memorial. In this case however, 'The Start of a Gauntlet of Beings' is not a memorial exclusive to a person, but to the very dynamic of something that only exists in perception, and particular circumstance.