Kristan Kennedy and Derek Franklin
Nov 5 - Dec 3, 2016
Opening reception Saturday Nov 5, 6-8 PM

The introduction of a new form of sustenance. A knobby thing worth more than its weight in gold. The first vegetable grown in space. Raw slices on broken bones, a measure of time, a printing press, a bullet, a cure for frostbite, toothaches and grey hair. The subject of paintings, an invention, a measure by which we made decisions. A direction, a source of electricity. Two years of two shrinking lumps on a shelf, one growing while the other one dies. New brain, old brain. A memento mori for the irrational hypothalamus. 

‘Whereas, originally, the opposites could function side by side without undue strain and without excluding one another, now, with the development and elaboration of the opposition between conscious and unconscious, they fly apart. That is to say, it is no longer possible for an object to be loved and hated at the same time. Ego and consciousness identify themselves in principle with one side of the opposition and leave the other in the unconscious, either preventing it from coming up at all, i.e., consciously suppressing it, or else repressing it, i.e., eliminating it from consciousness without being aware of doing so. Only deep psychological analysis can then discover the unconscious counterposition’ - The Origins of Consciousness, Erich Neumann 

"What should we paint?" they said, quite innocently as if the world were not in front of them, as if they didn't have eyes. What a curious question. And so potatoes. A thing to concentrate on and to ignore, a shape that is individualistic and mundane. An abstract painting with purpose, with a historical narrative and precedent. To paint the floor we paint on. To paint what bottoms out or what is discarded. To place ideas on top of one another because we are friends, but, also because we believe it is the right thing to do. That instinct is intellect. They fly apart.