Swamp Gas Is Ghost Light
New work by Rob Smith
Featuring Musical performances by Pulse Emitter and Richard Crandell

Nov. 20 - Dec. 18, 2010
Opening reception Saturday, November 20, 7 – 10pm

The Gullah people of coastal South Carolina have always understood that ghosts are picky about color and light. Many lowcountry homes still employ protective optical devices like ghost mirrors, bottle trees, and a sky-like color of ceiling paint known as Haint Blue to effectively bar the door from evil spiritual int...rusions. The optical illusion has always been a pillar of self-defense.

In his current exhibition of video, drawings, and sculpture, Smith uses torqued mirrors and lenses to drawl the haunted landscapes of cypress swamps and tobacco fields out into rhythmic incantations. The supernatural event becomes an occasion for concrete rupture. Molded in the tradition of a banishment ritual, these works both invoke and diffuse the mystified auras of Southern identity politics as specters borne of their specific material conditions, a fermenting miasma of Old South tradition and mystical symbolic languages.

For the opening, Smith has invited the hypnotic musical talents of Pulse Emitter, the Portland-based noise/synth-wizard (Digitalis, Ultra Eczema, NNA Tapes) and Eugene’s own legendary sonic mesmerist and calming-agent, Richard Crandell (Tzadik, Tompkins Square).
Hot, soothing, cheese grits will be served.